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FR Garments Care & Maintenance

Hydrogen peroxide (oxygen bleach): Must not be used on FR garments, either separately or in detergents.

Soaps (salts of fatty acids): Are not recommended for laundering FR garments.

Washing/Drying Procedures

Sort: By color wash and with other FR garments.

Pretreating: Stains should be pretreated at the earliest opportunity and allowed to penetrate the soil. Heavily soiled areas should be rubbed with a full-strength, heavy-duty liquid detergent or approved pretreatment product.

Load Size: Do not to overload the machine. Regardless of the machine's rated capacity in pounds, bulk - not weight - should be the limit factor.

Temperature: Wash garments lower water temperatures, which will be beneficial in retaining garment color.

Tumble Drying: Remove from the drier immediately when dry or slightly damp. Over drying will result in excessive shrinkage.

Iron: Depending on preference, FR garments may require pressing. A steam or dry iron may be used on the cotton setting.

Common Detergents Available in Stores

The following products are acceptable for use with FR garments:

Notes: 1) Best cleaning results are obtained with soft water. 2) This is not a complete list of all detergents that are acceptable for use with Westex garments. Additional brands are acceptable provided they do not contain chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

Dry cleaning: For removal of stubborn greases and oils. Dry cleaning will not affect the flame resistance of FR garments. Removal of dry cleaning solvent from garments is recommended. For removing body soils and odors, dry cleaning may not be as effective as washing. After 5 dry cleanings, a water wash is recommended to offset this problem.

Maintenance: A garment must be maintained in its original condition. Rips, tears, and abrasion to the fabric should be repaired as soon as possible. For advice on proper repair techniques, please contact Summit Work Apparel.

Do Not Use These Products with UltraSoft, UltraSoft AC, or Indura Garments:

Tide with Bleach (Liquid), Chlorox II (Liquid), Vivid (Liquid)

Note: These products contain either chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide. This list is not a complete list of all products containing either chlorine bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, it is important to check the ingredients of all products before using Westex garments.


Turn jeans inside out to wash. It is best to always wash your FR denim inside out for the first 5 laundry cycles. This will prevent streaking and uneven fading that results in abrasion during the wash and dry cycles.